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Debbie was great! She helped calm my fears and my negative assumptions of my BF responses or lack of response and helped me put things into a clearer perspective. She was nonjudgmental and patient even when I was throwing facts about our relationship and recent events at her rather quickly. She helped me understand that what we were going through as a couple was normal and was because men and women have different needs and see things from different perspectives, but both are valid. She asked pertinent questions about our relationship and was able to help me understand why I go into my well and why my BF goes into his cave and what happens when we both happen to go to these places at the same time. She gave me some great tools and tips on how to keep myself from going off the deep end (being emotionally needy, demanding etc) and not to take him going into his cave personally. She even gave me a homework assignment to compose an email to him to help calm things down between us. I am looking forward to talking to her again to get more insight on communicating with my man and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends. She has given me hope and confidence, which is exactly what I needed.

~ Victoria

Debbie was patient and insightful. I really appreciate her advice. She put things into perspective for me. I don't know if my relationship problems will work out, but she gave me hope and realistic approaches to solving the problem. She is compassionate and thoughtful with her advice but was honest with me. Her advice felt genuine and unscripted. I hope that I can continue to work with her and that others will also have the chance to benefit from her skillful counseling. Thank you Debbie!

~ Emily

Debbie is a great listener. She listened to every word I said, asked me questions I had never thought of. She explained everything to me to make me understand why I should or should not do what I was asking with my boyfriend.

She explained the 'cave' thing with men. That is a hard one to figure out. She worried about me, wanted me to to feel better about the positive things I have done since 'he' has went deep into his cave.

She has given me hope, thats what I needed. I feel more confident.

Thank you

~ Leslie

Debbie was an amazing coach. She really made me feel better first by letting me vent and acknowledging my feelings and second by giving me an understanding of my Martian as well as the tools to communicate effectively to make my needs met. She really helped me understand the root problem I was experiencing as well as exactly how to effectively work on that to fix my relationship. She really made me look at what I had done to contribute but was nonjudgemental and understanding. It was so comforting to have someone understand what is going on with my relationship! Highly recommended and well worth the time.

~ Katherine

Debbie is excellent to talk to -- very informative, insightful, and caring. She really seems to get what is going on from the male perspective, as well as from the female perspective. She was able to help me step back from the situation and look at it very differently.....i.e., from how the guy is feeling and what is most likely going on. I feel much better about how to proceed as a result of talking with Debbie, and also what things not to do. I highly recommend Debbie as a coach. She is highly capable.

~ Carolyn

Extremley helpful. I finally had a good nights sleep after talking things through with Debbie. She helped calm my fears and negative assumptions about the relationship and my partner. Now I feel that I can read him a slight bit better and realizing that I cannot force feelings onto him. "DO NOT PURSUE" and emotional control is key. After speaking with Debbie, my partner had called me just to say "Hi" and to chat. He also called in the morning to make plans. By following Debbies advice, the depression and worry lifted. Thanks Debbie

~ Natasha

~ Angela

Debbie was wonderful. She gave me great advice and I left with great clarity about my problems and issues that we discussed. She doesn't just listen, she gives suggestions and asks pertinent questions. I took her suggestion and ordered JG's latest book, to help me even further with my issues. I will definitely call her again in the future and will most certainly recommend her to my friends. She's got a great personality and we really had a great conversation. I think this coaching is a great resource.

~ Alice

Debbie was excellent. She listened and provided answers and helped me to understand what may going on in my very new relationship. She provided encouragement, which I really, really needed. And she also provided solutions. I have some exercises to do which I am also working on. Not much has changed in my relationship yet but it really, really helps to have Debbie to talk to. I'm not sure where the relationship is going yet...still but I am hopeful. I'm sure I will be talking to Debbie again soon.

~ Hilary

I found Debbie to be very helpful and kind, and I appreciated her advise. She listened to me at length and then asked me questions that triggered me to question my feelings and actions, as well as his. Also, I will use her advice in the future about listening better and asking questions at the appropriate time when I don't understand instead of passing up on the opportunity. I will definitely call her in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone with relationship questions/problems. Thank you Debbie!

~ Deb

Debbie was a wonderful coach. I was nervous at first, but soon felt very safe to talk. By the end of our conversation, we had cleared up my thinking, soothed my nerves and gotten to the bottom of what was really hurting me so I could deal with the real issues. She listened and responded with helpful, insightful questions and advised "homework" that addressed the very core of my needs. I am so glad I called, and I will call and e-mail again. Debbie was nonjudgmental, understanding and incredibly helpful.

~ Candice

Debbie is an outstanding listener and can get right to the bottom of things. Even when I thought I was making no sense, she could hear through my confusion and offer insightful questions to bring clarity to the situation. She also has a wide variety of approaches and is obviously very well trained. She is open to learning more about my unique situation, and that tells me she is committed to her clients and her profession. Debbie promptly responded to all emails and is very positive in her replies. Her homework assignments were extremely helpful as well. Thank you Debbie/MarsVenus!

~ Sandra

Debbie was a wonderful coach. I called her at a painful and tense time in my relationship and she talked me through what was hurting me to pinpoint the real issue at hand. She listened so patiently and asked plenty of questions to clarify and help me see why I was so upset and how my partner felt about my actions also. More than that, she gave me exercises to do on my own and an action plan to mend what had been broken. She helped me take control of a situation where I felt helpless and I am confident that my next interaction with my partner will benefit from talking to her and sorting out my feelings. I will be calling back!

~ Melissa

I really enjoyed the conversation. It was helpful and positive. Debbie was very kind and easy to talk to. She gave me some good feedback. My problem seems that it is not solvable right now but she helped me to understand what I should do. I was talking to her about my experience with dating a guy that is not ready to be emotionally involved right now because he has not healed from his divorce yet. I was trying to figure out if he is non committal in spite of the great connection because all the elements are not there or if he is just not ready for a relationship right now because he has not healed. Debbie seems to think he is not done mourning his divorce yet. I really appreciate her help and guidance.

~ Kelly

Debbie was very helpful and informative. She gave me insight to my current relationship to be receptive and positive. I look forward to speaking to her again. My boyfriend is definitely caving right now with all the stresses in his life and I'm definitely on the wave ride close to crashing. I have learned from reading the book Mars & Venus Dating that I have been pretty much the one doing everything in the relationship. I am now taking the approach of allowing him to pursue me once the stress load has reduced in his life more. We had gotten to stage 4 in our relationship, but now it seems to have stallled. I am practicing self assurance, being receptive and responsive in our relationship.

~ Hilda

Your coaches are an excellent help with any isssue I am experiencing. I would highly recommend your services. Debbie was a definite help to my situation and she was very attentive to my problem. I will be giving her a call again in the near future.

~ Mary

Debbie identified all the main areas of my relationship with ease. Providing outstanding viewpoints and perspectives. Looking at the roots of the relationship Debbie inspired me with the growth that has taken place so far and the growth that can still take place. Talking with Debbie reaffirmed the actions I know I need to take and give them power. Debbie successfully created the space to get clear and feel relaxed about the difficulties that where causing stress.

~ Anthony

Debbie was very friendly and an active listener. She asked many questions to clarify the situation and seemed genuinely interested. She provided good suggestions and insight as to why my partner behaves in a certain way.

~ Amanda

Debbie was compassionate and a good listener. She was very helpful in clarifying my wants & needs. She helped to give me insight into behaviors that might be sabotaging my relationships. She gave me concrete solutions for my problems.

~ Kristin

I think [Debbie] is a great coach. She gave me several exercises to work on. She eased my pain with my previous relationship and put everything into perspective. I would like to talk to her again about some other situation.

~ Rebecca

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