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Christine B was so helpful and understanding. We put "everything out on the table" and took a look at the situation... turns out a little perspective was all I really needed. Things seems to be in order but I am touching base with her again to be sure I'm moving at the right speed. Her advice was specific and real, and just having someone to talk to who wasn't a friend (who will often give you jaded advice) or a therapist (who wants to look at a relationship issue from a mental health standpoint) Christine's advice is targeted to exactly what you need! Thanks!

~ Cynthia

I really needed to talk to someone right then and Christine B. was a very calming person to talk with.

I also feel like we are in good hands to develop some new skills as a couple but it will take some time to learn them and change our habits. She helped me find a way to get to the next baby step - asking my husband to call Mars Venus to get some coaching himself. He agreed to call, so I think that is one step in the right direction!

It will not be easy so I hope we can hang in with this. Thank you Christine

~ Karen

Coach Christine B. is such a gifted listener, she is able to hear "between the lines." I am really impressed by the nuances she picked up in the situation between myself and a man I am dating.

She is also very adept at picking up on the possible subtext of things he says to me during our dates. I also appreciate her ability to synthesize all of the many facts I throw at her about both him and myself and weave them all into a coherent picture of where my relationship with him is headed.

Thank you, Christine!

~ Maggie

I felt very comfortable with Coach Christine and look forward to talking to her again. She is very kind and compassionate.

I hope to get more information about how to respond to my partner when he is going thru a lot of stress in his life. I had used a coach a long time ago and hope to get more insight into how a man feels and why he reacts the way he does within the relationship.

Also I hope to learn more about my own patterns that I have developed thru former relationships. I look forward to talking to Christine.

~ Britta

I'm so glad that I called. Christine was very helpful and I feel so much better now. I was having doubts about my relationship and was wondering if it was the right relationship for me. Christine really brought a lot of clarity to the situation. I finally feel like I know for sure what the source of my problems are. Originally, I wasn't sure if the problems I was experiencing were due to what I perceived as selfishness, lack of incompatibility or gender differences. She made it clear to me that it was the latter. Now it all makes sense and I feel so relieved because I knew I had a great guy but everything wasn't adding up

~ Estelle

Christine B. has been extremely helpful so far. She has listened well and understands where I'm coming from. She asks appropriate questions and then offers suggestions as well as provides insight into what my guy might be thinking or how he may be perceiving things. She has given me the strength to hold out a little bit longer on contacting him and given me some homework in the meantime. She was very reassuring that I will hear from my guy soon and this may have nothing to do with me. I look forward to speaking with her again in a few days.

~ Kelley

Coach Christine was so helpful in helping to see the reality of my situation. She helped me realize that there is work to do on myself that would allow me to release what has held me back from experiencing a fulfilling relationship. I look forward to continuing the work to break away from unhealthy tendencies so I can experience the joy of a happy and healthy relationship. She is a good listener, seemed to understand where I was coming from and had constructive advice. I look forward to continuing my work with her help.

~ Rose

Christine was great ... I know that the questions she asked me ... were important to her advice. And, I did take the first step of her advice tonight and I am very pleased with the results! My M responded and we had a great conversation and we agreed to step up communication and move the relationship forward. I won't see him now for at least 2 weeks due to his travel, but Christine has given me tools and plans to deal with that and she and I will be talking again!

~ Suzanne

Christine has been very helpful to me in trying to process a recent bad experience and to learn from it and continue to improve my relationship skills. She is helping me to create a dialog that will help me to hopefully get some answers and be able to close out a relationship in a positive way so that I can move forward and be more successful. She is helping to understand better how very different I define certain things compared to how the man I had been dating defined certain things (specifically what being 'exclusive" and in a "committed" relationship. I am hoping to have the opportunity to have a final conversation with this man, but don't know yet if he is willing to.

~ Robin

I had no idea what to expect from this call so was a little apprehensive at first, but Christine instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I immediately felt perfectly able to express what was going on for me without any judgement. She remained unbiased throughout the call; which was great for me as although I have lots of wonderful friends who I can talk to, many of them will respond with 'isn't he terrible' type comments, as it's their way of showing they're on 'my team' - very sweet but not always productive! Christine helped me see that my method of trying not to show any 'upset' in our relationship was actually proving to be counter-productive too; as by doing so I wasn't allowing my M to have the opportunity to offer solutions to any problems - something that I now understand he loves doing! Christine took the care to fully comprehend my situation, and I'm confident with this good understanding the tools she's going to give me to work with on our next call will be very exciting - can't wait!

~ Nadia

Coach Christine pinpointed my problem and stated how she would help me to prevent me from getting into this situation in the future and to prevent this negative experience from happening again in the future, how to approach the situation, after I explained my situation in detail in relation to the disappointment I felt regarding my dating mars dilemma, she listened patiently and carefully to my dilemma and without interrupting me. She provided direction on how to contact her again to speak to C.

~ Teresa

Christine gave me a new perspective on the situation with which I was concerned and it turned out she was quite right! She pointed out that my 90/10's were largely the cause of my concern and that I should take a step back and give it a chance. Within a day, my Martian was right where Christine said he was! My 90/10's are a large part of my fears in relationships and I will look to Christine again to help me work through those 90/10's with me so that I don't take them out on my Martian! She was kind, insightful and dead on!

~ Judy

My coach was extremely helpful. She seemed to genuinely care about and want to help with my situation. She listened and provided very valuable feedback... She made it seem like we're a team and we're going to figure this out and work on it together. I'll be calling her again.

~ Laura

Christine is a great Mars/Venus coach for me. She knew exactly what "stage" I was in and pinpointed what I personally needed to focus on to reach my relationship goal. She has given me the support I needed to stand up for my needs and be patient. Everything she has adviced me on has worked. You just can't get this kind of guidance anywhere else. My story is still unfolding but I can't wait to see what happens next. I believe the Mars/Venus way of dating really is the only way that truely leads to finding your soulmate.

~ Dana

Coach Christine was very helpful and encouraging. She helped me address some of the issues that I have in regards to my current relationship. Coach Christine helped me to recognize when men cave and how to respond positively to the cave. She also helped me understand how to speak to men in a way to get them to listen and respond to us as women. Coach Christine also is working with me to address deep rooted issues I have from past relationships so I can progress in future relationships without feeling as if I am working.

~ Christina

I thought Christine's advice was great - she really helped me to find the words and get the courage for a difficult conversation I need to have - now I just need to pull it off! I think it can be a bit odd (for me at least) to talk with someone I've never met about a problem, but the best part was that I felt she was asking a lot of the right questions, being objective, and not just telling me what I want to hear. I would definitely use the Mars-Venus coaching again since I tend to over-think things and get myself WAY too spun up about stuff!

~ Michelle

Christine was so compassionate and insightful. I was distraught and depressed with how my relationship is progressing. I realized after speaking with Christine that I'm compromising my needs. Granting me permission to be angry with my boyfriend really helped to put my feelings and how to move forward in perspective.

~ Luba

Christine is fantastic to talk to. She has helped me in a short amount of time like none of my other friends have been able to do. She has been helping me get a new way of looking at dating and teaching me things I am not as far off as I thought I was in the dating world.

~ Anonymous

I really enjoyed talking to Christine. She has a very caring and concerned voice. She helped me work through a lot of issues and offered homework and suggestions, along with role playing and suggested followup calls which I am going to do.

~ Deneen

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