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What Can Ask Mars Venus Give Me for My Money?

Why a coaching call is more valuable than its price

You’ve looked at the Web site. You’ve read posts about it on the message boards. But what exactly is this thing called Ask Mars Venus Coaching? And what is it that you should be asking about? Most importantly, why should you pay for this service?

These are questions we know many people ask themselves when they’re approached with an offer about Ask Mars Venus relationship coaching. So we’re going to explain coaching a little more and tell you why the choice to call a coach is worth every single penny, and then some.

What is coaching?

You may think that a call to an Ask Mars Venus coach is scripted, that every call about infidelity or a disappearing partner are answered the same way, that a coach will try to keep you on the line for as long as possible just to get more money. But none of these assumptions is true.

Ask Mars Venus coaching is not a hotline that doles out the same advice to every person. A coach is invested in you from the second you say hello to each other. They want to hear and understand your situation because they know that each caller has special needs and feelings based on their personality and history. They will ask you questions about where you think things stand in your life and where you would like things to go. In one short phone call, they can become your personal confidante and adviser.

Even better, when you and a coach connect, you can describe whatever is on your mind without fear of judgment, repercussions, or having to face someone later after you’ve “gossiped” about them. Coaching is a confessional of sorts, a place where you can explain to someone what’s going on in your love life and, in return, you will gain a willing ear, someone who will point out your blind spots, and, ideally, you will also gain clarity and new awareness.

Why should I pay for advice when I can get free advice on the message boards or just go talk to a friend?

Did you ever wish that the person you talk to most about your most intimate problems and details would give you a different response? Do you ever long for some old-fashioned, blunt honesty and advice?

An Ask Mars Venus coach won’t echo statements like, “He just doesn’t understand,” or reaffirm a belief such as, “She’s so needy,” but they will provide you with an impartial view of the problem you’re describing to them. A coach’s perspective is unbiased, so they can help you see what the other person is contributing to the problem and, yes, how you may be adding to it as well.

When you turn to the message boards, it’s true that you have people who are quite vocal and direct about their opinions on your love life. But sometimes their advice comes from a deeper place that has skewed their opinions because of their own experiences. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take their thoughts into consideration. But you can’t be guaranteed to get the right kind of assistance on the message boards – it’s through a coach that you will find complete impartiality, a person who will challenge you to explore and discover your life and make your own choices.

What am I going to get for my money?

Peace of mind. The answer is as simple as that. When you call an Ask Mars Venus coach you are guaranteed privacy, anonymity, and honesty.

Sometimes people are scared to call a coach because they don’t want to find out that the way they have handled a situation could have been managed differently or more effectively. But when something is weighing on your mind – especially when it comes to love – rather than holding back, wouldn’t it be better to find out how you can repair your problem or avoid it in the future?

Just a few of the issues that coaches help callers understand:

  • Infidelity – why partners may cheat or how you can manage fears about an unfaithful lover.
  • Online dating – frustrations or concerns about dating in cyberspace and how to be more successful in your endeavor.
  • Intimacy – what you can do to improve your sex life and increase intimacy.
  • Abandonment – why men pull away and how to determine if his absence is a sign of a bigger problem or just normal behavior.

Every coach’s goal is to promote self-discovery and help you see exactly what’s in front of you, help you understand how to deal with the setbacks, confusions, and difficulties in your life. Ask Mars Venus coaching even offers couples coaching.

The bottom line is this: If you believe in the Mars Venus principles, an Ask Mars Venus coach is the person to help you apply them to your life. Sometimes you can know how to “behave,” but it’s hard actually to see your own situation when you’re living it. A coach is trained in the expert relationship advice of John Gray and can help you see your relationship from a bird’s eye view. They have dealt with all sorts of issues – so you don’t have to think that your problem is too insignificant or too “out there.”

Coaching is about you.

Coaching is solution-oriented.

Coaching offers immediate help.

Do you have questions about this article? Do you need help understanding how this information can change your life? Talk to one of our expertly trained telephone coaches today and get the answers you are looking for. You can call from the privacy of any phone, and our operators are available to assist you with processing your call.

Call 1-888-627-7836 for details and a personal message from Dr. John Gray.


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