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What Happens When He Can't Make Her Happy?


Overwhelmed? Why Women Need Balance

What happens when a man feels like he can't make his partner happy? Watch the answer from an Ask Mars Venus Coach.

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Women tend to take care of everyone else before themselves. Dr. John Gray explains what this can do to a relationship!

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Today's Relationship Advice Articles - October 26, 2016

Are You Nursing a Fever?

Resentment Flu, in a nutshell, occurs when we feel like we’re giving more to our partner than we are receiving. Primarily, women are more likely to be diagnosed with Resentment Flu than men and here’s why. A woman who is happy in her relationship tends to do all she can to please a man by continually giving and doing things for him. But when a man – often unknowingly – neglects to reciprocate in kind or give a woman what she is anticipating, she develops Resentment Flu. These negative feelings only continue to grow stronger and bigger the longer a woman allows her unhappiness to fester. Resentment Flu is unhealthy and can break the passion in a relationship.


Building Blocks

When you were in grade school, building blocks were an integral part of your development. Whether you were learning the basics of addition and subtraction, the difference between a noun and a verb, or literally playing with building blocks, you were forming a foundation of knowledge. Throughout your dating and relationship history, you’ve likely learned quite a bit as well, though perhaps not all the information you’ve gleaned over the years has been especially helpful. Relationships aren’t easy and, unlike math, they’re not the same every time around.

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