Quiz: Is Your Ex Bugging You?

Whatever the dirty details of your break-up with your ex, the first thing we want to do is congratulate you. We applaud you for having the courage to walk away from a relationship that didn’t feel right to you. Obviously, there could be many reasons you’re not with your partner anymore, but it’s normal to second-guess such a big decision. In case you’re blaming yourself or doubting whether a complete breakup was really the best move, take this test to ease your mind once and for all that your decision to end things was the right one. At the end of this quiz, you’ll gain more insight into what kind of bug your ex really was and how their traits could have contributed to the end of your relationship.

Remember that this is an online test – not every question will capture your personal beliefs. Do your best to pick the answers that most closely represent your opinions.

Click here to take "What Kind of Bug is Your Ex-boyfriend?"

Click here to take "What Kind of Bug is Your Ex-girlfriend?"