Has Your Guy Pulled a Disappearing Act?

Find out if he's gone for good, or only for a short time …

You were so close, and your relationship had so much potential.he was attentive, reliable, called when he said he would, then suddenly POOF he's gone! One minute he's everything you ever wanted and the next he's nowhere to be found.

If he’s into you as much as you’re into him then why isn't he there for you?

It can be an emotional nightmare trying to figure out why he’s pulled away and even worse not knowing if he’s ever coming back! How can you help but feel, “Oh God, please just let him call.” It’s difficult to make sense of it when you’re dealing with the confusion and fear of not knowing; if only you could get some good dating advice to help you figure out why this is happening.

You need answers and he’s just not there for you!

It can be very hard to know the right things to do and say when you’re caught up in an emotional storm. It’s almost impossible to get a clear perspective of where to go from here. Getting the right dating advice can and does make ALL the difference. Unfortunately, following the wrong dating advice can mean losing everything….

So many questions are running through your mind: Is it because of me that he disappeared?  Does this happen to anyone else?  Where can I get confidential and trustworthy dating advice to solve my problems?  Will I look foolish asking for help? 

The truth is that everyone needs dating advice at some time or another. Sure, you can ask your crazy Aunt Harriet or even your friend who’s on her third marriage but – why risk it?

That’s why Ask Mars Venus is here for you! Now you can speak with a relationship coach who will guide you through the chaos, AND give you more than just dating advice.  A coach can help you find a new direction, hope and insight into your life. Talking to a coach does more than just help you sort out relationship problems and gain dating advice; it will help you feel better.  Finally, you can find out what’s really going on and do something to change it.

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