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Hello, my name is Lauren and I am a relationship coach with Ask Mars Venus. Iíve always been interested in what makes relationships successful. Communication, mutual acceptance and understanding are important to the life of any relationship. When I read John Gray's books, I discovered that a whole new language exists which I am excited about and have been able to share with my son. Through Mars Venus and my professional career, Iíve learned that if these skills can be taught at a much younger age, many painful situations might be avoided. But no matter how old you are, these techniques can still improve your life.

As your coach, I will create a space where you feel safe to talk about your feelings and thoughts. I can see your point of view and walk in your shoes, without judging. I am an empathetic and compassionate listener who knows what it is like to experience loss and pain. I can help you through your own grief and teach you how to heal. Regardless if you are single and looking or in an established relationship, I can help you get what you need. After talking with me you will not only feel better, but have a plan of action.

My own experiences dealing with loss and starting over have prepared me to face life from a different point of view, with determination and clarity. Just like you, at one point I felt hurt and immobilized. Now I try to see any obstacles as challenges and opportunities to make my life better. I can teach you the skills I have learned and prepare you for the road ahead. To set up an appointment to speak with me, please click the link below. A love and new beginning is just a phone call away.

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