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Money Can Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness When YOU Own the Almighty Dollar

Refuse to Allow Money to Own You or Your Relationship

When there’s a downturn in the economy, it may seem as though everything in your life is going down along with it, especially your relationship. With all this talk of a recession, the rising price of gas, and a less than stellar housing market, money stress is rubbing off on our relationships in a very bad way. You fight with your partner about money; you limit your activities because money is tight; you have different feelings about how money should be spent and saved. The green stuff, or lack thereof, can take its toll on your relationship… if you let it. But you don’t have to allow a shoddy economy to put the squeeze on the love in your life.

Money is the #1 cause of stress.

No doubt about it—money is a charged subject. Money represents risk and danger, which are testosterone-building cues for men but oxytocin-sapping for women. Singles worry about what they’ll do if doomsday hits and they’re caught with empty pockets. Couples additionally question whether each other is using their money “properly.” There is truly no end to the list of worries that money can cause. But there are clear solutions for couples who want to keep their money concerns at bay—and these solutions have more to do with understanding each other than padding your wallets.

Keep these facts in mind:

  • Money alone is not the core issue—the stress in our lives that is caused by money, and the different ways that men and women cope with that stress, is what can have you butting heads with your significant other.
  • When you fight about finances with your partner, you’re not just arguing over dollars and cents—you’re fighting about who is in control of the relationship, you’re fighting about how you fight, and you’re fighting about stress.
  • Men and women cope with stress differently which doesn’t help the conflicts that surround money. Women tend to be security-oriented, so they might be more inclined to save and scrimp. Men are wired to react immediately, so they may be willing to spend a little more or make more drastic investment decisions.

Make the decision to understand your partner and yourself.

Deep down, you know that men and women are different, but during the heat of an argument, basic common sense can go out the window. By calling on an Ask Mars Venus Coach, you can learn techniques to curb arguments before they begin, develop a sharper awareness about the positives and negatives of your own fighting technique, and come to realize that your partner has completely opposite coping mechanisms. Our differences don’t go away simply by hoping our partner will wise up and change. It takes understanding and good communication to receive what you want in life, especially when it comes to your relationship.  

There is also something to be said about being dollar-smart instead of penny-foolish. Ask Mars Venus Coaches offer many discounts and affordable options for you to get the answers you need.  The question has to be asked: How intelligent is it to hold on to that $20 and suffer in silence instead of wisely spending it to find the answers you need? If the fruits of your labor cannot be used to bring more peace and harmony to your life, what are you working so hard for? And one has to ask, is that $50 really going to break the bank? Or, is the conflict in your relationship—if left alone—going to break your heart instead? 

Don’t let all the media hype scare you into a bad decision that has you ignoring your relationship and instead focusing on the almighty dollar.

You CAN reconcile your Mars Venus differences.

Once you’ve made the decision to talk with an Ask Mars Venus Coach, you will see a very clear picture of your own behavior—it’s a coach’s job to show you common mistakes that you can make when arguing about issues like money. Likewise, they will point out the common errors your partner may exhibit as well. Knowledge is half the battle—everyone can come out a winner when you make an effort to understand your partner.

It’s an understandable fantasy to imagine that all of the issues you have with your partner can be miraculously cured without any effort. The world would indeed be an easier place if solutions were that simple to come by. But no problem in a relationship is solved by merely “waiting it out.” Communication techniques are what Ask Mars Venus Coaches know best, and the knowledge they can share with you will be invaluable to the health of your relationship.

Your partner’s bullheadedness or emotional outbursts may be taking the blame, but gender differences merely heighten arguments. An Ask Mars Venus Coach can help you understand why it is that a man seems capable of shutting off his emotions and women seem unable to remain unemotional during a disagreement.

Money comes and money goes, but if you want your relationship to last, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to understand your own behavior and that of your partner. Don’t ever be wary about investing a few dollars to work on your relationship. Truly, the sacrifice will be worth it once you reach the other side and get back to the relationship that you know and love.

Whether you’re fighting about money or an entirely unrelated issue, Ask Mars Venus Coaches can help you better understand the reasons why you argue the way you do, how it can be detrimental to your relationship, and what you can do to cease the self-sabotage. To learn more about our results-oriented coaching program, please click here

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