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Gain insight into your relationship dilemmas

It’s hard enough to admit to ourselves when something isn’t going right in our love life, let alone reveal our personal issues to a complete stranger. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a dating rut or a dead end relationship. You might be fed up with trying to find ultimate happiness by hunting for that elusive significant other. Or you could be confused about what’s going on in your current relationship.

While there remains an unfortunate stigma around the idea of seeking support and talking about our feelings, it is easier now than ever to find the help you need. Ask Mars Venus coaches understand your plight and they make it easy for you to share and explore the details of what’s happening in your life. Trained in expert relationship advice, a coach can be the guide to getting you on the path to relationship success.

You will discover that talking with someone who doesn’t necessarily know you well is truly the right way to go. Ask Mars Venus coaches will not judge you or your situation. They will not think you’re weak or incapable of handling a challenging love life. Knowing that you have an understanding person on the other end of the line should be all the encouragement you need to call and talk about your problem, however big or small.

An important note to keep in mind is that you don’t have to wait until problems become so bad that your life has been turned upside down. More often than not, the little issues can develop into bigger problems if they’re not dealt with at the start. Ask Mars Venus callers have discovered that, with the assistance of a coach, what they initially considered a major flaw in their love life was actually a normal relationship bump that only needed a little tweaking to solve.

Much of the time, the curveballs in relationships can be overcome by working to simply better understand the behavior of your partner.

Inherent male and female traits often lead to insignificant issues snowballing into major relationship troubles. Coming to know your partner’s primary needs—whether you’re on a first date or have been married for a decade—is the foundation for building the communication skills necessary to make every interaction a success. Ask Mars Venus coaches have the tools to help you understand any stage of a relationship.

The apprehension you may feel about getting in touch with a coach is normal. It can be a frightening thought to imagine someone giving you insight into your love life and relationship patterns. Even more daunting is the possibility that their words will hit home. Whatever resistance you may have toward making that first call to an Ask Mars Venus coach, consider what the coaches can help you accomplish:

  • Break out of bad dating habits.
  • Mend a relationship.
  • Develop strategies to get over a person from your past.
  • Meet the partner of your dreams.
  • Determine if this is the right relationship for you.
  • Work through toxic relationships, infidelities, fading partnerships.
  • Learn how to take care of yourself first.

It’s possible that your conversation with an Ask Mars Venus coach will bring you to the realization that you need to make some adjustments in your life. Consider this an educational challenge that will ultimately help to make you a conscientious, caring, and reasonable partner. No matter the current state of your love life, learning valuable relationship skills now will help you in the future as well. A coach’s ultimate goal is to get to the core of your matter and help you develop the tools that will make every relationship a potential success.

The Ask Mars Venus coaches know the secrets to creating and sustaining a joyful and satisfying relationship.

Take advantage of the approaches they have learned from the master of relationship advice—Dr. John Gray—and make your first call. Whether you’re having doubts about your relationship, feel confused or overwhelmed, together you and an Ask Mars Venus coach will work out your mind and heart.

Call anytime, as many times as you want, no matter your dilemma. Ask Mars Venus coaching calls are affordable and easy. To learn more about our coaching program, click here for details.  We also offer a free personal recommendation service as well as discounts to help make your introduction to our program more comfortable.  Start on your journey today towards a happier relationship.  Our coaches are here for you 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our service is always anonymous, and convenient.  You can call from the privacy of any phone, and our operators are available to assist you with processing your call. 

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