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Happy Sex Life?

Are people really happy with their sex lives?

Recent studies show countries with greater equality between the sexes report to experience more sexual satisfaction.

Since the turn of the last century, women have been slowly gain equality to men. These changes are reflected in almost every aspect of our lives. From work to play, men and women are enjoying many of the same privileges in life. Not only does equality affect us socially and politically, but it also influences our thought and feelings about relationships, and specifically about what happens in the bedroom. What may seem common sense to many people reading this article is that as equality has grown in the boardrooms, it's also been gaining ground in the bedroom.

Medical News Today reported a study that out of 27,000 of people surveyed ages 40-80, people living in Austria, the United States, Spain and Canada reported the highest levels of sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction in this case is defined as mutual attention and energy being placed on pleasure as well as pleasing their partner. On the contrary, Japan and Taiwan reported the lowest level of satisfaction. Whereas Turkey, Egypt and Algeria fell in the middle, with some satisfaction reported. The survey concluded that when a relationship is based on equality, the couple tends to be interested in each other's sexual gratification. The author of the study, Edward Laumann, is reported as saying, "Male-centered cultures where sexual behavior is more oriented toward procreation tend to discount the importance of sexual pleasure for women."

In many countries where men and women have some level of equality, pleasing a partner sexually is often very important. If you don't believe this, take a look and how much information is out there about techniques and methods for every type of sexual act imaginable. Every year thousands of manuals about sex are written, published, and sold to curious readers. If that isn't enough proof, visit the Mars Venus message board and look for the section on sex and intimacy. Every day we have people posting questions and tips on how to have great sex, and how to please their partners.

So the question is, with all this increased attention on sex, do people really have better, more satisfying sex lives? We would venture to say yes. One of the biggest causes for this has to be the increase in the amount of sexual information and advice available. In the past, talking about things such as pleasure and orgasms were strictly taboo. Now people watch TV shows where the characters compare their exploits over coffee and every magazine seems to offer tips on how to please a man (or woman, depending on the magazine.)

Not only did our views of sex outside the bedroom change, but also the way we handle sex inside the bedroom. Couples are encouraged to talk openly with each other about what they like and what they are interested in trying. Individuals are often eager to please their partners not just to make their partners happy, but because many of them feel their own sense of satisfaction when their partner has an orgasm. Some people even feel that they aren't really having sex if both partners aren't enjoying it. This is a big leap from 100 years ago when people often viewed sex as being primarily for procreation and sex was an off-limits topic for conversation.

Sex has also gained attention in the scientific community. Recent studies have started to explain how men and women's bodies function differently during sex. These new findings enable us to better understand our partners and their needs. Whether it is scientific or social, all these things have contributed to our changing views of sex. Our growing acceptance of it helps explain why many people seem to be enjoying sex more --or at least admit they are having it -- now than in the past.

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