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Daddy's Girl

Seven Signs You're Dating a Daddy's Girl

  1. Not only is he number one on her speed dial, he pays her cell phone bill, her credit card bill, her car payment, and her rent.

  2. Many of her sentences start with "Daddy and I . . . " or "Daddy says . . ."

  3. Her favorite song is "Daddy's Little Girl," her favorite TV show is "Make Room for Daddy," and her favorite insect is "Daddy Long Legs."

  4. She doesn't get along very well with her mother or other women in general.

  5. Unlike your other girlfriends, she is thrilled that you drive a Volvo.

  6. There are no pictures of ex-boyfriends in her apartment, but dozens of framed photos of Daddy and her at the beach, Daddy and her in Paris, Daddy and her celebrating her birthday . . .

  7. During intimate moments, she refers to you as "Big Daddy."

If any of the following hit a little too close to home, chances are that you are dating a Daddy's Girl. A Daddy's Girl is a woman whose sense of self-worth has been heavily influenced by her relationship with the first man in her life -- her father. These women are the apples of their father's eye -- adored and cherished. Having received male caring and devotion all of their lives, they have come to expect it in all of their relationships -- especially those with other males. At times, they may be a bit spoiled, a bit self-indulgent and a bit self-absorbed. They have the attention and affection of the most wonderful man on the planet -- how can you ever hope to compete with that?

The bad news is that you can't.

The good news is that you may not need to. Unlike Mama's Boys, Daddy's Girls tend to a bit more independent and strong-willed -- intellectually if not always financially. While she might seek out a man who reminds her of Dad, she is not always looking for a father figure. What she is looking for is to have her emotional needs met -- on Venus. This means that she seeks caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation and reassurance. If you can provide these qualities to her, then you will have the ammunition that you need to win her heart -- even if you can't match HIS bank account. Of course, once you've won her heart, then the real fun begins because then she takes you home to meet her Daddy. If you can imagine Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro in the lie detector scene in "Meet the Parents," then you pretty much know what is in store for you.

Dating a Daddy's Girl has its pitfalls, but it is not always a bad thing. Daddy's Girls tend to have a great affinity and respect for males. They appreciate male attention and encourage male affection. They actually get nostalgic at the smell of big, fat cigars and love to curl up next to you to watch the Superbowl. One day, if you have children together, you might even have a "Daddy's Girl" of your very own.

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