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Why is he Dating?

Why is he dating if he's not ready for a girlfriend?

Often when a relationship ends men tend to rebound quickly. This feels unnatural to many women who typically wait longer to get involved. One of the most frequently asked questions at is, "Why is he dating if he's not ready for a girlfriend?" This is a complex question and often men themselves don't know the answers. If you suspect that you're dating a rebound man, consider the following types before deciding if he's the right one for you.

1. The Hungry Man

A man on the rebound is like a man starving for food. He can fall in love with almost anyone who offers him a few crumbs of love. Once his neediness is satisfied, he becomes more discerning. It's as though he wakes up from the dream and is suddenly no longer interested in the woman who he was dating. Men in this stage quickly drop the woman they are with, simply because they no longer feel the hunger.

2. The Needy Man

After a relationship ends, a man may feel like a failure. To prove his manhood he will seek a woman who can give him the approval that his last relationship didn't. The woman he seeks will be "so different from my ex." The new woman is everything that the old woman was not. Be aware, this is a man who is looking to prove to himself that he is OK. A woman's love can make him feel good about himself and support his healing process. But he must be careful not to make promises. He is searching for validation that he is "good enough, and gosh darn it, people like him!"

3. The Player Man

One of the biggest obstacles for men in the process of healing their hearts is their hunger for sex. It's very easy for a man to confuse his need for love with his need for physical intimacy. Although he may sense that he's not ready to get involved emotionally, he wants to get involved sexually. This casual sexual involvement will no doubt provide temporary relief, but it will not heal long-term. If you're involved with a player, don't forget that his true intention is to satisfy his sexual needs and not to fall in love. Player men can be lots of fun, but if you're looking for a soul mate, he's not the one for you.

4. The Bigger, Better, Deal Man

This guy is moving quickly from woman to woman, looking for Mrs. Right. He thinks the perfect woman is out there…if only he could find her. He reasons that, by spending too much time in one relationship, he may be missing the opportunity to find the right woman. Instead of exploring relationships fully, he ends them at the first sign that it isn't working. With greater insight regarding the process of finding a soul mate, he can relax and take his time.

Remember, in the game of love, to be a winner you have to pick your partner right.

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